On 21 April 2006 the Chief Minister Mr Jon Stanhope MLA announced the Government’s decision to establish a Shared Services organisation in the ACT Public Service. The new organisation will deliver quality services and create greater career opportunities for corporate services staff. It will also deliver savings, by allowing corporate services staff to work in a more efficient environment.

Shared Services became operational on 1 February 2007. It includes the existing ACT Government Information, Communications and Technology (ICT) provider, as well as Procurement Solutions, finance and human resources, records and publishing services. Shared Services draws on the expertise of existing corporate services staff across the ACT Public Service, who are involved in process functions that can be delivered more efficiently in a shared services environment. More strategic corporate services that cannot be standardised across agencies have not been included in the Shared Services organisation.

Over the past few years, the ACT Public Service has implemented a number of reforms in the delivery of corporate services. Payroll centres have already been consolidated across agencies, with some departments taking on the function on behalf of others. More recently, Procurement Solutions and InTACT have been expanded to undertake the delivery of procurement and ICT services on behalf of all ACT Government agencies. Shared Services takes these reforms to the next logical step – bringing together like functions across the ACT Public Service and building upon the economies of scale.